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I have always loved typography, multimedia and drawing, so I finally decided to study Graphic Design and turn an obsession into a profession.


I love simple and beautiful solutions to a problem, if done well these solutions can be nothing short of inspiring. I believe that with a dash of creative thinking and the restrictions of situation great design not only provides a solution it’s an opportunity for beautiful solution. A design process requires clear communication and objectives to foster great idea generation. It is my mission to assist you to make your ideas functional and beautiful.


During my studies at CATC the various disciplines within the curriculum covered physical outputs such as packaging, publication and brochures; to multimedia outputs such as website and a multimedia version of a publication.

Beer label

Physical Output

Symbols & Branding

The unit was heavily focused on sketching ideas out and refining them, then importing ideas into Adobe Illustrator. One of the requirements was to produce a identity for The Big Day out music festival, the branded design was to translate well onto CD & DVD case, t-shit and Mobile App and its associated icon.


Part of the unit Packaging we were required to produce three products labelling for the company Cucina - Pasta, pasta sauce and pizza.

Cucina packaging

Finished Art

Part of the unit Finished Art the brief requested a design of a brochure celebrating all the nostalgia of the 50s. The brochure was to promote the key event for the HAPS (History of Australia Preservation Society) Fifties Fair which is an event that celebrates all things ‘50’s. From architecture and clothing to 50’s
design & lifestyle.

See Gallery to view the brochure.


After studying the styles of chosen illustrators three titles of famous Penguin novels were redesigned, one of my illustrators was Eyvind Earle and the title I chose to redesign was Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights.


The unit was initially focused on marketing: researching the company's persona their product, their competition, but most of all the target market. The product was a hip bag and client was Crumbler. Once the research was conducted the formulation of a strategy then and a premise guided the advertising campaign. Sketches were refined, then stylised for three outputs, magazine advert & billboard.

Multimedia output


This unit a conversion of a previous subject, final piece, a magazine publication, required a conversion to an i-pad with some interactivity.

See Gallery to view the brochure.